Beds & Mattresses

If you are looking to stay in your home after a hospital stay, Silver Cross can find the right homecare bed and mattress to do so safely and comfortably. The right bed and mattress helps prevent pressure ulcers. We sell and rent beds and offer delivery and installation services. Contact us today to discuss your bed and mattress needs.

Examples of Beds

Span Encore

Developed as long term care bed, this superior healthcare bed ensures vertical alignment for maximum comfort and safety. The bed lowers and raises with nighttime lighting and the deck is highly adjustable to include Trendelenburg position. It’s also width-expandable to fit a multitude of therapeutic mattresses. Simply one of the best!

Invacare Etude

The Invacare Etude bed is a versatile, high quality homecare bed with power operated head and foot deck sections. The bed can be positioned to a semi- Trendelenburg position. This bed disassembles for easier home installation.

Drive Delta Ultra-Light

This bed is economical choice for homecare needs. It includes fully electric controls for positioning and has a 450 lb capacity.

Mattresses & Therapeutic Surfaces

It’s important to select an appropriate mattress for your home hospital bed in order to prevent complications or side effects as a result of being immobile. We carry a variety of mattresses – also referred to as therapeutic surfaces – aimed at preventing pressure ulcers (bed sores) and other conditions that can occur with use of a traditional mattress.

There are therapeutic surfaces made from foam, spring systems, air or gel systems. For longer term use, it is more important to choose a higher quality solution such as a product made by SPAN, specialists in long term care. Your healthcare provider, or a Silver Cross mobility consultant can help you select the best surface for your needs.

Examples of SPAN Mattresses

SPAN Geo-Mattress® Ultra Max

Premium pressure redistribution in this high tech memory foam surface that is hospital-grade quality for high performance.

SPAN PressureGuard® APM2

This mattress is powered to provide alternating pressure or lateral rotation via air therapy. The unit can be programmed to run on a cycle to suit the user’s needs.

SPAN PressureGuard® Easy Air

This low air-loss mattress provides alternating pressure with a very simple set-up.

Other Mattresses/Therapeutic Surfaces

Blake Medical Rhythm Multi

A low air-loss mattress with alternating active pressure relief.

Blake Medical Geo Matrix G2

Memory foam + gel for skin protection and temperature regulation.

Drive Medical Gravity 7

Therapeutic foam for comfort and press relief.

Drive Medical Med-Aire 8"

A powered alternating pressure low air-loss air mattress.

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