Straight Stairlifts

Silver Cross stores have expertly installed hundreds of straight stairlifts. A simple straight stairlift can be installed in about 1 hour by our experienced team. Stairlifts travel along rail that is mounted to the stair treads for full stability and strength. Many people choose a stairlift in order to access a second level or basement level and eliminate the barrier of stairs. Because falls are very common when using stairs, adding a stairlift really makes the home easier to access and safer by helping to prevent falls.

Features of stairlifts

It is important to select a stairlift that has all the safety features including:

  • A seat belt to prevent sliding off the seat, especially when the chair is moving or swiveling at the top
  • An overspeed governor to keep the chair moving at the correct rate of speed and preventing the chair from moving too quickly down the rail
  • Obstruction sensors on the carriage and the footrest so the chair stops if it detects an object such as something left on the stairs
  • Swivel and lock seat at the top landing so you can safely turn away from the stairs to step off the chair
  • A manual lowering feature in case of emergency such as the battery being fully drained

What else is important to choosing the right stairlift?


Stairlifts are rated for different weight capacities, also called safe working load (SWL). Choose a lift that exceeds your own weight to be sure that lift can properly carry you multiple times a day. If the angle of your stairs is steep (45 degrees or more), the capacity capability is slightly reduced due the larger incline. We carry stairlifts that range from 287 lb to 400 lb capacity limits.

Fit for Your Body

If you can, visit a Silver Cross showroom to try out our stairlifts to see which one is most comfortable. There are different seat styles and some things such as arm width or footrest height can be adjusted to suit you.

Fit for Your Home

There are different configurations of stairlifts to suit your staircase as well as what is at the top and bottom of your stairs. Your stairlift can be installed on either side of the stairs, but there is likely one side that makes more sense for you to get on and off. If there is a door near the bottom of the stairs, you might want a rail that can hinge and slide out the way when the stairlift is not being used so that the door is not obstructed. At the top of the stairs, you may also want to create less intrusion by adding special brackets at the top landing. A Silver Cross consultant can make recommendations with a free in-home assessment so that your stairlift fits your staircase perfectly.

Brand Reputation

Like most products, stairlifts are made by several companies and there can be differences between them in terms of quality and reliability. Silver Cross sells Savaria and Handicare stairlifts, two of the top brands in the world. Both brands are backed with manufacturer parts warranties and your Silver Cross store also provides a labour warranty for the first year. You can also purchase a preventive maintenance contract from Silver Cross to keep your stairlift in good operational order. As a top stairlift dealer Silver Cross has the experience and customer testimonials to back up our reputation for quality and great customer service.

Our Straight Stairlifts

Savaria K2 Stairlift

  • Slim profile, folds up to 10.75" from the wall when not in use
  • Adjustable arm width
  • Choice of seat, exclusive “V seat” offered at Silver Cross chosen as best comfort with its open back design
  • Rack and pinion drive for reliable smooth ride
  • Infrared remote controls and armrest
  • 350 lb capacity

Savaria K2 Plus Stairlift

  • Higher capacity of 400 lb
  • Choice of seat, with optional Plus seat (24.25" wide) for maximum seat space
  • Folds up to 13.5" from wall
  • Radio frequency remote controls and armrest controls for easy operation
  • Rack and pinion drive for reliable smooth ride

Handicare 1100 Stairlift

  • Unique multi-drive friction technology uses 4 motors for maximum reliability
  • Tooth-free travel rack with brush heads to keep rail clean with no exposed gear teeth
  • Many optional features including power swivel, power folding footrest, slide track or easy hinge rail to accommodate door at lower landing and zero intrusion top landing option
  • 309 lb capacity

Things to Consider

Stair Width

Most staircases can accommodate a stairlift, but contact us if you staircase width is less than 30 inches.

Using a Wheelchair

Stairlifts are designed to transport people with mobility issues that includes use of cane or simple walking aid. If you use a wheelchair, you must be able to successfully transfer on and off the stairlift and you would require another wheelchair at the top landing, making a stairlift an impractical solution for most people. A through-floor lift may be a better option for you, such as the Savaria Telecab lift.

Do You Rent Your Home?

If you rent your home, you will need the approval of your landlord to install the stairlift.

Renting or Buying Your Stairlift

Many of our stores offer an option to rent a stairlift if your need is short term. Some locations offer a rent-to-own option so you can pay monthly for your lift. We also carry reconditioned stairlifts but inventory is subject to demand so it’s best to call us to find out what is available. We are also interested to buy back good quality stairlifts that are no longer needed.

Paying for Your Stairlift

Stairlifts are HST/GST exempt, so you will not need to pay tax on your stairlift. Currently in Ontario, there is a tax credit program available to seniors for making your home more accessible (2021), the Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit.  Get the details here. There are some funding programs available, please read more about funding and financing here.


Call today for a free, fast quote or to book a showroom visit or in-home assessment. You’ll be happy to stop worrying about those stairs!