Vertical Lifts

A porch lift, or deck lift is a vertical platform lift that travels from one level to another to carry a person in wheelchair or mobility device such as a scooter. It can be installed outside from a driveway to a porch or deck level in order to allow easy access into the home. The lift can also be installed inside a garage. Silver Cross stores sell and install the Savaria Multilift, one of the most popular and robust small vertical platform lifts in North America.

Construction and Site Considerations

More options can be configured for your home such as an interlock for your door for direct-to-home access.

  1. A 6" thick concrete pad is required to anchor the base of the lift.
  2. Allow room for the gate swing at the top landing.
  3. Configuring for a 90 degree is possible.
  4. A solid, flush gate to be installed to meet building safety code.
  5. A fascia panel may be required to eliminate any hazards for pinching.
  6. Allow room for the access ramp.
  7. A call station can be mounted on a post or wall.

Our Vertical Lifts

Savaria Multilift

  • Known as the ultimate work-horse lift, it’s durable, reliable and outdoor tough
  • ACME screw drive carries up to 750 lb capacity, great for power chairs
  • Should always be installed with a solid, flush gate and automatic interlock to meet safety code
  • Can be configured for straight-through or 90 degree access
  • Automatic access ramps for easy on and off, with non-skid platform
  • Travel up to 48", or optionally up to 72"
  • Three platform sizes available
  • Optional battery back-up feature
  • 3 year parts manufacturer’s parts warranty

Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

If you require more than 2 stops for your vertical platform lift, or travel distance or more than 6 feet (72"), the Savaria V-1504 lift is a good solution. This is hydraulic lift that can be ordered with an enclosure for outdoor use, or it can installed inside a constructed hoistway inside the home.

The Savaria V-1504 can be configured in many different ways with two-door and three-door access, including 90 degree access. A manufacturer-provided enclosure can include acrylic or aluminum panels with a full-sized door. When installed inside a hoistway in the home, the V-1504 lift features full side panels and ceiling making it feel more like an elevator.

As an accessibility lift, the V-1504 operates using constant pressure and the platform is non-skid.  The lift has a 750 lb capacity. For more information about the Savaria V-1504 lift, please contact us.

What about a ramp instead?

A ramp might seems like a simple alternative to installing a lift, but a ramp is not always simple.

Ramps take up a lot of space. The American Disabilities Act suggests a ramp slope of ratio of 1:12. That means that for every 1 inch of rise, you need 12 inches of ramp. If your porch is 3 feet (36 inches) from the ground, you would need 36 feet of ramp.

Ramp suggested slope ratio is 12:1

Keeping the ramp free of debris such as leaves and snow can be a burdensome task.

Ramps can be difficult to beautify if they are exceedingly long. Depending on the length of the ramp and the required railings, ramps may not be less expensive than installing a vertical lift.

If you move, a lift may be removed and relocated if the new configuration is similar enough. Or, your local Silver Cross store may be interested in buying it back.

If you qualify, March of Dimes Home & Vehicle Modification program provides funding for the installation of a vertical platform lift.

Call today to arrange a free home assessment for a home platform lift.