Power Wheelchairs & Scooters

Power wheelchairs are designed for people with low to no mobility. Battery powered with optional power features, they are customized to fit for maximum comfort. 

Mobility scooters are generally used outdoors or in large indoor public spaces. They have a larger turning radius than a power wheelchair making them less maneuverable indoors or in spaces such as elevators or narrow doorways.

Power Wheelchair Basics

Customization can include seat cushioning or moulding that protects skin and alleviates pressure associated with long term use. Head rests, arm and foot rests are also specified and positioned best for the user, along with tilting and reclining options and power elevating for leg rests to allow for position changes. Power chairs require careful measuring and fitting to ensure the user has the exact fit and features for his or her needs.

Silver Cross, along with your healthcare professional such as an occupational therapist can identify and customize your power wheelchair. In Ontario, the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) provides substantial funding (75%) for approved applications. Consult Silver Cross about your needs and the ADP process.

Examples of power wheelchairs:

Quantum Rehab Edge 3

An advanced technology chair with iLevel power seat elevation and smooth ride suspension. 14" drive wheels with a 20.5" turning radius. This power chair is stable and smooth and available in a choice of colour.

Invacare TDX SP

This high performance chair is quiet running and smooth riding. With its 4-pole motor design it can comfortably climb over 1 inch obstacles.

Full-sized chairs are the most common types of power wheelchairs and feature a full-sized seat. They are built for daily use with long-lasting batteries.

Typically, the chairs include two drive wheels with other stability casters that keep the chair stable and add easier maneuverability to navigate through turns. Seat cushioning varies by the needs of the user including options for gel or air systems, as well as contoured foam inserts. A tilt-and-recline style chair provides positioning changes to relieve pressure and increase blood flow.

Options such as joystick controls, keypads for electric features and controls for head positions can be added as required. A typical power chair carries up to a 300 lb capacity. For heavier clients, higher capacity power wheelchairs are available. Portable power wheelchairs are available for travel needs. They fold up for stowage in a vehicle or airplane.

Did you know there are special lifts than can be installed in a vehicle to lift and safely position a wheelchair inside the vehicle for travel? Our sister company, Silver Cross Automotive sells and installs these lifts.

Mobility Scooters

Scooters are less expensive than power wheelchairs, and are more often used for getting around outside, at a mall or other public space. Scooters are usually quite heavy and transporting them can be done using a device lift installed into a suitable vehicle (SUV or van), or with an accessible vehicle such as a rear entry minivan.

 Scooters generally do not have sophisticated steering options that a power chair would have so they are suitable for those with enough mobility to steer with traditional handlebars and pedals for acceleration and brake functions.

Example of mobility scooters:

Invacare Pegasus
Pro 4-wheel Scooter

A good performance scooter that offers 12" non-marking tires and enhanced suspension system for a smooth ride. Travels up to 15km/hr with a 350 lb capacity. LCD screen with battery gauge, speed, time and temperature.

Invacare Leo
4-wheel Scooter

A more compact scooter, the Leo features 10" tires with a range of up to 36 km and 350 lb capacity. This scooter can be disassembled for transport.

Pride Victory
10 LX

This 4-wheel scooter is known for its ability to manage rough terrain with its CTS suspension system. It features 10 inch tires with a 400 lb capacity and range of 26 km.

Pride Go-Go

Looking for a more portable scooter? The Pride Go-Go Lx is a 4-wheel scooter with remarkable stability and suspension packed into a sleek style.  It can carry up to 300 lb capacity with 7" tires and with the batteries, weights just under 100 lb.
Contact Silver Cross for pricing on power wheelchairs and scooters and if you qualify for funding programs.