Telecab Lifts

It’s not a home elevator, but it’s a great alternative to a home elevator! The Savaria Telecab lifts are enclosed hydraulic lifts that can travel through-the-floor to accommodate two stops. No shaftway is required, instead a simple floor cut-out is created for the lift. There are two models of the Savaria Telecab available, the original model with a 500 lb capacity and the Telecab 17 with an 845 lb capacity.

Construction and Site Considerations

A Savaria Telecab lift operates with an enclosed drive tower that must be secured to a support wall. Your local Silver Cross store can verify where in your home the lift could be installed and if additional work is required to ensure that the support wall can meet the load requirements.

A floor-cut out is required and the size will vary based on the size of the platform selected. A floor cap is created for the cut-out area. The floor cap covers the second level when the unit on the lower floor, and when the lift travels up, the cap is carried on the top of the lift. Clever!

Installation will take a few days in addition to the preparatory construction work. Consult your local store for a free home assessment and quote.

Our Telecab Lifts

Savaria Telecab

  • Designed to accommodate a mobility device or wheelchair user
  • Non-skid platform and low threshold for easy access into the lift
  • Full sized flush door with optional door operator
  • Continuous pressure operation (push to run, let go to stop)
  • Different cab/platform sizes available
  • Can be figured with two doors including 90 degree access
  • Obstruction sensor to stop lift if it detects and object
  • Interior lighting and half-height acrylic window panels
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Battery and manual lowering features in case of emergency
  • 3 year parts manufacturer’s parts warranty

Savaria Telecab 17

The Telecab 17 model shares many of the same features as the original Telecab, with the following differences:

  • Full height acrylic panels for a more open appearance
  • Higher 845 lb capacity
  • Two cab/platform sizes are available
  • One-door access only with no 90 degree option
  • Optional battery back-up

Why a Telecab?

If you use a wheelchair, or wheeled mobility device, a stairlift is not usually the best option. A Telecab, through-floor lift allows you to use your device in the lift without any needs or worries to transfer on and off of a seat.

The Telecab does require some construction, but it does not need an enclosed hoistway for travel, making it simpler than a fully automatic home elevator.  The Telecab lifts include many features intended for accessibility needs such as easy to access controls for being in a seated position, grab bars or a handrail and a non-skid platform.

The Savaria Telecab models are zero rated HST/GST in Canada.

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