Lift & Recline Chairs

Comfortable and built for easy in and out, a lift and recline chair is a great addition to your home for rest, sleep, TV watching or relaxation. They are powered to help the user stand to get out of the chair and to easily get into the chair with minimal bending. Chairs vary in positioning they offer, from a 45 degree recline to fully flat and even Trendelenburg position (feet elevated above head level). Chairs include control to position the chair and some chairs offer heat and massage features. Lift and recline chairs are available in many fabric choices including leather.

Example Lift & Recline Chairs

Pride VivaLift!

Sleek looks with choice of Merino fabric in contemporary colours, this chair includes power headrest, power lumbar, power backrest and footrest extension. This chair has infinite positioning allowing the user to stop the recline exactly where desired.


This larger chair accommodates 375 lb capacity with infinite positioning to include the Trendelenburg position. There’s also a handy charging port for your mobile device. A variety of seat widths and fabric choices are available.

Golden Technologies
Maxi Comfort Cloud

Infinite position and full recline, this chair features a tufted back rest for long rest comfort. This chair has a 375 lb capacity with 6 colour choices and two sizes.

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