Walkers & Rollators

A walker or rollator provides stability for someone who is still able to walk, yet needs support to prevent falls. A walker must be lifted as you move, whereas a rollator simply rolls with movement of the user. A rollator features a brake system and usually includes a seat, making it handy to travel with and provide a built-in resting spot. Rollators fold up for storage or travel. It’s important to get fitted for a rollator so that the seat height and grip height is appropriate for the user. A visit to a Silver Cross showroom allows a client to try different rollators to see what’s best for the user.

Examples of Walkers & Rollators

Human Care
NeXus 3

A top seller, this rollator has a cross-folding frame making it easy to fold and even stand in the folded position, making it easier for the user to store and use as needed. Different seat heights are available, as are a variety of handy accessories.

Evolution Technologies

With its quilted, padded seat, this rollator is tops for comfort. Folds up for easy storage, cable free brakes, seat height options and accessories available including a removable basket.

Evolution Technologies

Strong, stable and featuring cable free brakes, the Xpresso rollator weighs only 18 lb yet has a 300 lb capacity. Three seat heights available with collapsible basket for folding.

Drive Folding

An affordable walker with two front wheels, push button mechanism and grip handles. It folds up compactly.

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