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Basics of the Straight Stair Lift

There are some simple tips to guide you for the installation requirement of a straight stair lift. Straight stair lifts are mounted to the stair treads, not the wall so your stairs cannot be in poor condition. If you have narrow stairs, as is often the case in older homes, look for a stair lift that is more compact – the Savaria K2 features the most narrow profile on the market making it ideal for narrow width staircases. Capacity is important. Stair lifts have maximum capacity ratings and you don’t want to push that limit, so be sure to review that specification. Outdoor stair lifts are available, but generally speaking, stair lifts are not very happy to operate in cold climates making them rare for Northern climates such as the majority of Canada.

Thinking of doing your own installation? Not so fast. A stair lift is carrying you up and down stairs. Leave it to trained installers. We don’t sell self-install stair lifts and reputable companies agree on this point as a matter of personal safety. Installation usually takes only a two hours for a trained technician.

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Silver Cross Stores Blog January 10, 2017